How do I hear God’s voice?
How do I develop an intimate relationship with God?
How do I know my destiny?
How to I make a difference in this world?
How do I live in peace and be free from anxiety?

All people want to know the answers to these questions and to understand their purpose on earth. The have an inherent desire to know God and His plans for them. The key to unlocking this knowledge is learning how to hear God’s voice. The place where we develop this relationship is called the Secret Place.  In our Secret Place with the Lord we develop a deep intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, receive revelation about our destiny, identify and role in bringing His light to our world and our lives.

To help you find your Secret Place  with the Lord we have written two books.  These books are " The Secret Place" and "The Goal: Being light in the world".   Our prayer is that these resources will  help you on your journey. 


Bill & Sue Dupley