Living In The Secret Place



During this worshop you will experience intimacy with God, hear from God and learn how to receive personal counsel directly from the Lord. You will practice hearing from God for practical issues of life. You will learn how to be transparent with God, and how to receive revelation  in your secret place with Him.  

Course Agenda


Session 1: How to develop intimacy with God: Living in The Secret Place

Session 2: Communication: How to Hear God

Session 3: Build Relationship: Spending time together

Session 4: Living in Transparency: Understanding our feelings

Session 5: Living in Transparency: Identity Crisis 

Session 6: Living in Transparency: Performance

Session 7: Living in Transparency: Desires of our heart

Session 8: Living in Transparency: Road of worry

Session 9: Living in Transparency: I need advice

Session 10: Destiny: Knowing your role in the Kingdom of God

Session 11: Anointing: His presence makes all the difference

The Goal



Jesus told us “You are the light of the world.” We are to be a light in a dark world. Jesus told us how to do that. He taught us many practical methods and ways that illustrated what being the light of the world looks like and how to achieve that goal. During this workshop you will learn how to be the light of the world and how to make disciples


Course Agenda

Session 1: Introduction 

Session 2: Be the Light of the World

Session 3: Love the Lord Your God

Session 4: Love your Neighbour as yourself

Session 5: How to be the light of the world to your family

Session 6: Abide in Me

Session 7: Honour your Parents

Session 8: Render unto Caesar

Session 9: Go the extra mile

Session 10: Stewardship

Session 11: Leadership

Session 12: Seek the Kingdom of God 


Spirit Led Leadership



Wanted leaders who can transform organizations and create the corporate future leaders who can make a difference. 

The world has always been volatile

leadership is key calming influence at times of volatility. As a leader our responsibilities are to: lead not just manage, inspire calm when things are volatile, inspire peace when the things are erratic.

During this workshop you will learn the keys to great leadership, you will learn how to be a Servant Leader. You will learn how to hear God, and receive insights from the Lord on how to improve your leadership ability. You will learn key practical leadership skills to assist you in your leadership responsibilities.

Course Agenda

Session 1; Introduction: Keys to Leadership 

Session 2: Biblical Leaders 

Session 3: How to hear the voice of God 

Session 4: Examples of God’s wisdom 

Session 5: Servant Leadership

Session 6 Leadership Roles 

Session 7: Coaching Skills 

Session 8: Facilitating Creativity Skills 

Session 9: Project Management Skills 

Session 10: The Kingdom of God 

Session 11: Anointing makes the difference