The Goal Summary


Jesus told us to makes disciples and teach them all that He has commanded us to to.  The Goal  is a book  is a collection of stories of people  from all over the world who are accomplishing what Jesus wants us to do.  It is written to help you become a better disciple and to help you make disciples

The Goal Overview


Many years ago a man named Sidney Sheldon wrote a book called, “In His Steps”. In the book, a few members of a church, challenge themselves to ask, “What would Jesus do?” before engaging in all of their everyday situations and encounters. It changed their lives and the lives of their town. I challenge you to consider a similar question by asking yourself to consider what  Jesus would want you to accomplish when you face a situation in your life and what would it look like if you were the light of the world in that situation.

The Goal covers the following areas:


1. Be the light of the world

2. Love the Lord

3. Love your Neighbors

4. Family

5. Abide in me

6. Honor your Parents

7. Render unto Caesar

8. Go the Extra Mile

9. Stewardship

10. Leadership 

11. Seek the Kingdom of God

We have structured this book into categories of life situations and together we will examine what Jesus wants us to accomplish in each category and what it would look like if we did it. 

We pray this book will be helpful for you to understand what Jesus would like you to accomplish in your lives, so that your joy may be complete; so that you would know what to teach your children, so that you can make disciples; so that you can bring change to your world.


Reader Testimonials

What a delight it has been to follow the evolving of The Goal (Being Light in Today's World).  As master life and verbal communicators, Bill and Sue have made the challenges and adventures of the authentic Christian walk understandable and attainable for new believers as well as for seasoned saints.   It definitely is a fresh wake-up call to those of us who have "talked the talk" so much but in many areas have not been the best at "walking the walk".  Thank you, you two amazing "Light Bearers"

The Goal reminded me of three other books....almost like parables.   Compare The Goal to The McNally Road Atlas (which gives specific directional driving routes through territories) as it gives very clear routes for travelling in the Kingdom of God.

Then it was like The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer.....the old classic fundamental resource for any North American cook, wanted by nearly every bride in the mid to late twentieth century who aspired to be the best for her family.  The Goal is filled with the very best, tried and true, unfailing recipes for attaining to the goal of third book, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith.

This one is an enduring classic too....each chapter was a favorite until I read the following one.   I hope it goes to the nations as so many ask these days, "what is this Christianity about anyway?"     The Goal will help answer this question.

Mary Audrey Raycroft, 

Pastoral leader, Catch the Fire, Toronto; Itinerant Speaker; 

Founder, Releasers of Life Ministries 


I've known Bill and Sue for more than 20 years.  They are two extraordinary people.  They have high-pressure jobs and yet lead a low-stress life.  They are gifted in speaking, leading worship, writing, entertaining, etc.  They have great stage skills.  But more important than these, they love God and seek to live by the teachings of Jesus.  As their pastor, I get to cheer them on and at times I've spoken correction.  They laugh, they cry, they are real people!  This book is about being real.  Bill and Sue will take you on a journey out of the hard and complicated and into the "I can do this" realm.  I love the stories, the insights and the wisdom contained in this book!

Steve Long, Senior Leader, Catch the Fire Toronto

“The Goal” will help you take two-way journaling and the voice of God into your everyday life, as you journal about 10 of the key sayings of Jesus.

Dr. Mark Virkler, President of Communion with God Ministries

My husband and I were completely blown away by Bill's first book 'The Secret Place'. It brought us in a much deeper relationship with God. This book is a logical sequel of the first one: living with God, what does it look like in our daily lives. It's written in the same clear language, with a lot of examples. The questions at the end of each chapter help you to apply it to your own life. 

Since we read the first book, we've met Bill and Sue several times, and were also guests in their house and family. That's why I know that this book is real, they live it: they are kind, loving, serving people attaching high value to family and they do go the extra mile (and yes, I know the Belgian professor in chapter 10).

Ilse Cassimon-Desaeger, senior pastor of PIH church Gloriepoort in Belgium

My wife Ros and I were working in Toronto in 1995/ 96 when the Renewal broke out at the airport church. It was huge and thousands of people were touched. Every night was like a conference. Amidst that we found a home group where Bill and Sue Dupley took us in and parented us through this journey of revival. I since have met many famous people in my 15 years with Iris Ministries -not many compare to Bill and Sue Dupley -who walk the talk and live what they have written in this book.

Our lives were (and still are) impacted by these humble lovers of Jesus -who know what it means to walk in the garden with Jesus and sit at His feet. They walk in obedience in a real way with real people. They truly seek to hear God’s voice and walk in His love daily -whether at work, home , in a huge conference or in their lounge room. They are truly to us heroes of the faith

Steve and Ros Lazar  (Directors Iris Ministries, Mozambique  2000 -     )

I have known and worked with Sue and Bill for close to twenty years already, witnessing their hearts and gifts for the Lord and seeing them reach out and communicate very well with people of many different ages and backgrounds. They have written "The Goal" as another step in leading worship and preaching the Gospel! It is beautifully done, illustrated and explained in fundamental yet creative ways with much detail, ensuring that this book will bring many to understand both the need and the means to set their Goal well and how to go about achieving the Goal properly with the Lord completing our destiny for His kingdom purpose. I am so proud of them and this book. It is time well spent in setting and going for the one true and worthy Goal!

Young-Wha Kang Founder Followers Mission Toronto

“Out of all the people I know, Bill is the one whom I most see demonstrating a passion to see the Kingdom of God coming in his workplace. He combines a hunger to hear the voice of God speak with an equal hunger to see the will of God done where he works. He has demonstrated to me that the imaginary “spiritual/secular divide” is a fiction, as our Father in Heaven wants to speak his heart and will into every situation, family, government and country on earth. This book is timely, as Father God wants us to carry his light, his words and his love to every place he causes our feet to tread, and for the result to be a practical outpouring of his love in a way that can impact the very fabric of our society. Each chapter challenges and then leads us to a place of reflection and hopefully action in our own daily lives.”

David Wuyts Pastor, The Lifehouse, Colchester, UK