The Secret Place Summary

 This book shows people how they can have their own secret place with the Lord, enter it daily, and receive wonderful revelation from God. 



This book is an account and description of my secret place with the Lord. It is a true story; it is not fiction. All the details described in this book have happened to me, and I continue to meet with my Heavenly Dad in this place almost every day. I have described the physical attributes of the secret place, the events that have occurred there, and how God has taught me about His character and loving compassion. 

Our Heavenly Father talks about a place called the secret place. It is a promise of protection, safety, and communion with God. It is the place where Abraham met God and spoke to him as one man speaks to another. It is the place where every believer can meet God face to face.


Through a series of visions, my Heavenly Father has shown me that this is a very real place. It is a place where we can meet, talk about any topic from business to raising children, and receive specific practical words of wisdom directly from God. We can share our true feelings and fears and develop our relationship with Him. It is a place where our Heavenly Father can father us.

 The secret place is personal; my secret place will not likely look like someone else’s. The secret place is a place where you are comfortable and at ease with your Father. 

May this book encourage you to develop your relationship with the Lord and find your own secret place with Him. 


Reader Testimonials


“The Secret Place by Bill Dupley calls to mind the rich devotional lives of influential believers through the ages—Thomas Kelly, Theresa of Avila, Catherine of Genoa.  Bill’s “secret place” is clearly the secret to his remarkable life and ministry.  Descriptions of his personal intimacy with Father God will catch some by surprise; it will foster a fresh hunger in many, as it did in me, for a renewal of my own secret place.  Few twenty-first century believers demonstrate the supernatural in such a “natural” humble way in their everyday lives as Bill does.  His life is clearly a “trailer” for the kingdom." 

Fred Fulford, Pastoral Theology Director, Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford, BC

Bill has torn down the wall between the sacred and the secular and shown how revelation does flow for all of life: healing our hearts, healing our families, personal direction, and assistance at work. And he gives us many journalling exercises, which get us started down the right path. I am grateful to Bill for this contribution to the kingdom of God. Many lives will be touched by it. 

 Mark Virkler  President Communion With God Ministries USA

I find "The Secret Place" is easy reading and it shows me a glimpse into your heart.   I appreciate your honestly and your heart as you share the treasure and secret of your experience of our loving Father in heaven.  

Furthermore, using beautiful drawings to illustrate Gods messages is effective and an invitation to be opened minded.   You have captured the creativeness of God and beautifully presented His message to us.   

Poline Chung Followers Mission Toronto Canada

I completely resonate with "The Secret Place." I have used my imagination to initiate encounters almost every day but not as extensively as Bill describes, but I certainly will now. It is very very encouraging to read the book and was very timely for me because I feel more at peace with where I am at right now. One can always do with more affirmation.  

Faith  Mississauga Canada

The book has reassured and re-enforced my trust and confidence in God, that He is ever nearer than I thought. Business has not been as usual but I now know what to do. Am going to stand on my watch and listen to hear what God will say. I did so many things without hearing from God this year which never yielded the expected fruit. After reading your book I promised myself that will be the last time I will take any step no matter what without hearing from God. I sincerely want to thank you for been instrumental to my journey on how to hear from God. You are truly a blessing to me.

Peter Sunday Nigeria

This book amazes me.  Your relationship with the Lord is staggering (and enviable). It is not a long book, but it is rich and deep, and it deserves to be studied (and implemented).  Brian Girdwood Toronto Canada

I really find this book so helpful, am praying I can translate the teachings and insights into personal action. Your experience in hearing God's voice is very inspiring and encouraging and yes, captivating.

Alexander San diego Toronto Canada

“Bill you have done very well at helping people in the journey of hearing God, validating listening, imagining, etc. The intimacy that you have with Father God is very captivating.”

Steve Long, Senior Pastor, Catch the Fire Toronto

“This is a practical, hands-on book. The stories and illustrations are wonderful! Bill has been open and honest regarding some of his struggles but has pressed through as he has asked His Father for direction and encouragement. God has been faithful and given Bill consistent, wise counsel. We can all learn from Bill’s willingness to believe and then act on that belief. Thanks, Bill, for being vulnerable and transparent! Well done!”

Jeremy Sinnott, Associate Pastor Worship Leader, Catch the Fire Toronto

“How encouraging to realize that God is totally interested in the everyday details of our life and whenever we choose to be led by Him rather than by our own understanding, the results are phenomenal and never failing. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your journey of intimacy with the Lord. You really are a beloved son and a forerunner for others. I was so blessed by reading the words from the Lord to

you—absolutely amazing—and the exercises are so realistic, relevant…I want to do them myself!”

Mary Audrey Raycroft, Founder of Releasers of Life Equipping Ministry

“Through this book Bill opens a door into heaven and says ‘come up here.’ Then we discover we were already seated there and didn’t know it! The book does not call us to replicate his experience but to have our own, and gives us practical ways of opening the doors to our hearts and engaging with our Heavenly Father, whom we discover loves us in a way beyond what most of us have dared believe. I sense that Abba Father is looking forward to encounters with his children which will come as they read this book.”

David Wuyts, The Lifehouse – a Partners in Harvest Church in Colchester, UK

“A nice thing to share is that we are going to start 'Secret Place' nights! God was talking to our Pastor about changing the evenings with more intimacy with the Father and coming into the secret place with God, and then you came and shared about the secret place, a confirmation.”

Ilise  Belgium

I can't put it down. It keeps drawing me closer and closer into His presence. through this book I am learning how to hear His voice more and more clearly. Your a good teacher Bill. may you and your family be forever blessed by the hand of Adoni. thanks again my brother , for plowing the way. Love in Christ Jesus,

Glenn Hooper.  Toronto Canada

Your love for God, our Father is well written from your hearing God. Thank you for sharing how easy it is for us, the church body, to hear, to love, to do His works, to heal and to have supernatural power for God's glory. Thank you for hearing God's guidance in this book and sharing this to us. You are truly blessed. 

Steve and Angie Sekul

Just ordinary people Oshawa Canada


Love your book "The Secret Place" Reading your conversations with God stirred me to get back into more journalling. I was amazed at the broad spectrum of questions you posed to Father. This book made me hungry to have deeper conversations with God than I have ever had. The Father is happy when we want to come to him more often and talk! This book is a motivator to run to the Father! 

Sharon Wilson Brantford Ontario